About Me

Who Is She?

At Home: I’m a mother of three, grandmother, and an avid music lover. If there isn’t music playing in our home, then there is a problem.

At Work: I’m a business solutions specialist. And what that means is that I help businesses create actionable solutions to common issues such as understanding profits and losses, employee training and retention, brand building, and marketing. 

The Story Of Me

I grew up with a single mother of four children, on government assistance, and whose father was murdered. My mom worked so much to take care of us that it left me in charge of the house and siblings. And, to be honest, I hated being young with all that responsibility. By the time you fast forward to my teen years I was already was a mother of two just trying to finish high school. I did not want my kids to have the same responsibility placed upon them as I did and I knew continuing to go to school was my only way out. Despite having two children by the time I was a junior in high school, I was determined to get my High School diploma, prove the statics, and other people wrong. I graduated at the age of 17 and never looked back.

My first job in management came right after high school and that is when I was bitten by the leadership bug. At the time, I did not realize all the skills I had acquired in management, team building, and leadership just in my home that prepared me to be so young and managing my shifts at the age of 18. I continued to work and move up in the management ranks but still felt incomplete because I still did not have the one thing I wanted most outside the happiness and well being of my children…my college diploma.

By the end of 2013, I had 18 years of management under my belt, my eldest two children had graduated from high school, my youngest just finished her first year in high school, and I’d not only went back to school once but twice. I had obtained my Associate’s in Culinary Arts as well as my Bachelor’s in Management that allowed me to land the job that would alter my career path.

Mind Shift Moment

By the end of year two, I’d settled into the new job, fell in love with the company, brand, employees. I had taken my clinic from being the last in sales, employee retention, and clinic reputation from worst to first. I was determined to take my clinic from being the butt end of “bad” clinic jokes to the standard. And, that is just what I did.
Everyone wanted to know what I was doing over in my clinic to have such a huge turnaround. I was asked to create a sales training that would be used in our region as well be the Keynote speaker at our Regional Manager’s Conference on employee retention.
At that conference was where the mind shift came. I had such a rush speaking and training that I decided right then and there that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life. I started to think of ways that I could turn my knowledge and skills in making others a million-plus dollars a year into business for myself. I knew that if I could do that for other companies that I could do that for myself and other business owners. And, at that conference, the idea of my business, NervaCap, was born. 

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