Train The Trainer

Bi-weekly podcast sharing industry tips, tricks, and tools I’ve learned in my two and a half decades in Management. I will be covering things such as employee retention, management training, social media marketing, and much more. 

In this episode I go over 6 reasons why restaurant employees leave their job. Reasons such as external factors, poor compensation schedules, conflicts, career advancement, and feeling valued are the 6 reasons why. In this episode I break down each of those factors as to why they leave and what you, as a manager, can do to combat them.

In this episode we discuss 6 strategies to raise your employee retention rate. Some things you can do is spend time with your employees, communicate, compensate, offer benefits, help them grow, and offer a great reward system. Inside this episode I go into detail about the 6 things that worked for me in retaining more employees.

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